Design optimal ways for people to find and purchase our products.”

At a glance

  • Who: Savvas Learning Company  
  • What: Complete overhaul of the primary site IA and UI/UX  
  • Why: Little was understood about key user behaviors and how to reduce obstacles to purchasing  
  • Outcome: Uncovered high value user types and designed ways to help them find and purchase the products they need


Savvas Learning Company has been a school curriculum provider under various iterations since 1896. Today they supply over 10,000 school districts worldwide. But over time, their catalog has become simply too big and difficult to navigate.


I was brought on to bring order to their premiere product catalog and design ways to move high-value site visitors from prospects to purchasers.


There were hundreds of solutions containing thousands of products. So organizing the sheer volume of offerings would be a challenge. And I'd need to simplify and shorten the process of product discovery and purchasing.

Also, Savvas had some site usage metrics, but not much was understood about how site components worked together to promote or prevent users from accomplishing their goals.


  • Works on issued iOS devices
  • Everything stored on the device so that reports can be submitted later — i.e. when the internet is available
  • Integrates with business systems
  • Configureable for various legal regulations


I worked with Savvas' customer service, sales, marketing, and fulfillment groups to identify key personas. Then I was able to identify two types of users that had the largest purchasing outcomes.

The most revealing insight was that the smallest user group had the largest purchasing power.  

Design Journey

The first thing I wanted to do was develop an improved product information architecture. It would be essential to supporting quick, easy and accurate discovery.

It also seemed clear that one of the best ways to connect users to relevant products was by leveraging their data. By utilizing a user’s location and profile information, we could curate products specific to their needs.


Throughout this project I was in communication with the Director of Operations and supported her in her efforts to present and demonstrate the value of the work to the highest levels within the company.

I also collaborated with broader teams on the functional specifications as well as the principles behind the designs. Providing stakeholders and engineers with design documentation is a critical part of my normal process.


I really enjoyed working with Savvas! There are several teachers in my family and it was fun to see this side of education. In the end, I was able to come alongside the people in the organization to help deliver a concrete plan of action to better serve their customers and company.

But even more important, I believe I helped instill a better understanding of the principles and practices of good product design which they can build on into the future.

Looking Ahead

The site is undergoing a progressive implementation of the revisions. I see implementations steadily taking place — and producing positive results.